Holding the Space


At The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness we promote different events where we ask people to hold the space of loving equanimity. I’ve had several people ask me what it means to hold space and how it is done. So, let me take this opportunity to share with everyone.

Holding space isn’t done from the level of the personal self. It requires that one be firmly established in the heart and it is thus carried out with no self-serving agenda or desire. The “space” we are referring to is the unlimited potentiality that exists within the Illumined Worlds, or realms which exist outside polarized consciousness. In this space, you can set your intention to be utilized as a vehicle of divine service, which functions for the highest good of all concerned.

One of our collective acts of service at The Kumara Center is to hold the space for humanity and the planet every Wednesday at 9:00pm for ten minutes. We go into meditation…the stillness…and bring our awareness to our hearts and the love we feel for all existence. From that level of awareness, we place ourselves in service and offer ourselves as vessels for whatever energies can move through us in the highest good. Oftentimes people experience flashes of mental imagery in this process. They will see scenes of people, or of locations on the planet and geographical features, and some will see the entire planet from a distance, as if the energy moving through them is embracing the whole of Earth. And sometimes, everything internally is a great void and the disqualified energies move swiftly through the physical vessel, unencumbered by judgment or questioning, being lifted up and out and are transmuted back to pure Light in the process. It is a profoundly beautiful and powerful act of service which I hope you will engage in going forward.

In the same manner, we also do this quarterly for each equinox and solstice, as these are a time of powerful influxes of Light which affords us the opportunity for even more transformative service. In this “Embrace the Space” collective gathering, we come together to hold the space for an extended, two hour period. Again, the purpose is to step outside the personal self and to allow what is greater to move through us. The energy you add personally is exponentially increased with the addition of every person joining the collective.

In your daily life, you can hold space for those you love, or people you see who are experiencing difficulties. Again, all that is needed is for you, the personal you, to step aside, see the individual or situation from the level of the Highest Light, and to offer your love and energy in service with no judgment and no attachment to any outcome.

Being of selfless service is a marker of the divine within you and it is one of the most powerful things we can do in our daily lives on our journey home. I hope that this will inspire you to spend less time in fear and projection about your own life stories and invest more of yourself in holding the space of loving equanimity for others.