See Through It, and See It Through


It has been quite a spring, hasn’t it? If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by life, rest assured you’re not alone. There is much coming up for everyone now, all resulting from old karma that needs to be cleared. Remember that you carry your unbalanced business from one life to the next, so some of what people are dealing with now may be the remnants of ancient issues in the scope of linear time.

The danger for most is in viewing their current challenges as something happening to them, rather than recognizing that the outside world is merely a projection of the collective unconscious and, as such, it is their inner world. The obstacles you’ve put in your way do not need to be overcome, or knocked down. Rather, they need only be seen through, which will result in the dissolution of the polarization which holds the obstacles in place.

But just seeing what’s at play isn’t enough to dissolve it out. This is one of the short comings of modern psychology, where a psychiatrist can find the root of a patient’s issue, but yet the patient remains incapable of making long-term change. Until underlying beliefs have been neutralized, the old behavior associated with them is guaranteed to return, regardless of attempts to change behavior.

In order to balance a polarized concept, the seeker must first find the belief/beliefs that are in place. Then, they must see how they actually hold both sides of the belief and find where the unconscious side manifests in them and their lives. Normally, at this stage, the trapped emotional charge tied to these beliefs will surface to be released. Allowing the energy to course through you and release out, without judging it, is critical because all the trapped energy must be released and transmuted. Using the Violet Transmuting Flame is a valuable tool for this part of the process. Now the seeker must see and hold himself outside of the belief. In highest Truth, he isn’t identified by any concept, or identifiable with any concept. The seeker must take it to the highest Light. The last crucial step is for the seeker to now walk in their world from this new level of seeing. The old patterns will continue to appear and there is always the possibility that the seeker will fall back into their old beliefs. It is the walking of the understandings in the world that truly locks it all in place and allows for that particular matrix to dissolve.

It is important to remember that once you’ve seen it, you become responsible for functioning from that level of seeing. If you find you continue to be challenged by the same dynamic over and over, you haven’t uncovered all the components yet. Keep looking.

The path of mastery is like this. One personal role at a time, with its corresponding matrix of beliefs, gets brought forward for balancing and you must continue to walk from your higher understandings as each disqualified belief comes up for clearing. The path is steep and narrow, but the view at the end is beyond worth it.

You are reading these words because you are here to do this level of personal work now. In order to see through it all, you must be willing to see it through. And, in seeing it through by consistently applying the higher understandings in the world, you will ultimately see through it all.