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The Evolution of Aromatherapy

The KUMARA Vision

Since ancient times, people have used scent to enhance their daily lives. In regards to spiritual practices, such as meditation, worship or prayer, the introduction of a scent, and its continued use, can have a powerful impact on one’s state of consciousness. The sounds and smells around us are imprinted onto the mind and are then related to the particular state of consciousness experienced at that moment. This is why the smell of fresh baked cookies can “transport” a person to a memory from childhood and bring up the feelings of love, security and joy that were felt at that time.

Spiritual aromatherapy, in the form of incense, is still widely utilized in multiple religions and spiritual practices, both in the East and West. When sitting down to meditate, the introduction of a scent you have meditated with before will automatically begin the movement in consciousness which will draw you in deeper and more quickly.

Every plant is a form of consciousness and carries its own energetic frequency. By utilizing the oils of plants (in the form of lovingly extracted organic essential oils, CO2’s, absolutes and attars) and biodynamic flower essences, we are able to create blends with unique energetic properties to enhance and support the four lower bodies, or quantum energy fields, around you.

The vision for KUMARA is to bring greater beauty and balance into your life through sacred scent. Whether you use the blends to enhance your spiritual anointing and prayer rituals, meditation and yoga practices, or just as personal perfume oils and aromatherapy sprays for your home, car or office, the result is the same...

KUMARA is with you, in love and support, every day.


and Ingredients

I created KUMARA meditation sprays and anointing oils to support seekers on their spiritual paths.  Each product carries very specific energetic signatures, which are created by blending high resonating organic/wildcrafted essential oils, CO2's, attars and biodynamic flower essences until the right vibrational frequency is achieved. Each scent has a unique function in the way it supports your four lower bodies (physical, astral, mental and etheric) and, while the scents of each are beautiful, they are secondary to the synergistic relationship between the oils/essences.  These products are not to be judged based on scent, as one would compare perfumes, but by the impact the spray or oil has on your consciousness when you breathe it in, or even hold the bottle (for those sensitive to energy). Due to the nature of this craft, some of my blends are limited editions. I love to use very special oils, like true amber (fossilized conifer resin), but they can be extremely difficult to procure. Limited edition blends will be noted on the item's product page. 




Meditation Sprays



"Breathe Deeply...Live Fully"

KUMARA Experiences

Anointing Oils



Shusara Akona Kumara

Scent has always been a favorite aspect of my world. The delicious smells of watermelon bubblegum,homemade bread dough for cinnamon roles rising on the mantle, fresh-cut grass, ozone after a spring or summer shower, white oak logs burning in our fireplace and the annually much-anticipated thrill of smelling my favorite flowers in the gardens...peony, lily of the valley, old-fashioned roses, creeping phlox, johnny-jump-ups, lilacs and petunias... filled my childhood and colored my perception of the world. As a teen and young adult, my fascination with scent was further ignited as I discovered perfume outside of my mother's signature scent. Glorious perfume in all its exquisite variety, from inexpensive drug store musk to my first true Eau de Parfum love affair with Coco by Chanel. In my 30's the power of scent returned to me, born again, in the form of the incense that I would burn, not only during meditation, but anytime, day or night, in my home. Similar to the experience of simmering a pot of clove, cinnamon, orange peel and nutmeg during the holidays to scent the home and create a welcoming atmosphere, I found an indispensable satisfaction in the way burning incense permeated the house for hours with heavenly aromas. Although my passion for anything scented lead to me many, many different types of incense, I discovered that Satya Sai Baba's Nag Champa, in particular, had a power to it...a resonance...that I could literally feel every time I burned it. Then, in 2011 I was given a strong directive to begin making my own meditation scents, except they weren't to be burned like incense. These were to be sprayed and others were to be applied in the ancient tradition of anointing. With no formal training in perfumery, I set out to buy some high quality organic oils and get started. I found that as "I" stepped back to allow greater wisdom and inspiration move through me, something magical happened. The scent created itself...a blend of organic essential oils, CO2's and absolutes, coupled with biodynamic flower essences, that formed a unique synergy and a highly elevated energetic resonance! That first blend...my very first creation...was Serenity, and it remains my best seller even now. Out of my own experiences, I knew the power scent could have on consciousness, and now I had created a line of sacred scents to share with my students, each blend created with a specific focus. It has been a beautiful journey to watch this unfold and to hear reports of the effects people experience when they use the products in their spiritual practices, or just as aromatherapy in the home. The consciousness of the KUMARA lineage is infused into each blend, along with my love.  I know that these creations are a gift to humanity that has come through me. I am humbled by the process and truly honored to share these gifts from above with you!