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There was a very simple premise behind the concept of Harmony: two opposing components working together to form a seamless union. The marriage of lavender and peppermint is a match made in heaven! I use this spray copiously on my sheets and pillowcase. I find the scent perfect for drifting off to sleep.

If you'd like to purchase Harmony Bliss Mist with the added energetics of sacred locations I visit, click here: http://www.kumara.co/limited-edition-bliss-mist/

Ingredients: Love, Organic, Fractionated Coconut and/or Golden Jojoba OIls, Organic Essential Oils of Fine Population French Lavender and Peppermint, and Organic/Biodynamic Flower Essences of Black Eyed Susan, Fawn Lily, Iris, Love Lies Bleeding and Queen Anne's Lace

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