I am happy to share some of our customers' personal testimonials with you. If the products have made an impact in your life and you would like to anonymously share your experiences here, please email your comments to me at Shusara@KUMARA.co.

Using the KUMARA oils has become a part of my meditation practice and life. I find that whatever is going on, there’s an oil to match it. If I need to really look at things, I always pick Areyus as that facilitates me looking at whatever needs to come up. Sometimes I just need to recenter and I’ll use Serenity and/or Zen. When I meditate in a group, I love to add in Shambhala. You will come to find that there’s an oil to match all of your meditation needs and also just life. I also like to use the oils in an oil burner in the house, let everyone soak up the energies the oils have to offer and you can mix them, you don’t have to use just one at a time.
"I have used all of the KUMARA anointing oils and bliss mist meditation sprays. They all carry a very specific and sacred energy that is undeniably breathtaking. The KUMARA products can be used for many different things. They are all an excellent addition to meditation and I have even used a couple of the bliss mist sprays as a body spray. One bliss mist spray that I love to use is Serenity. I like to use it at work because it will immediately shift the energy upon spraying it my office. It acts as a smudge and it helps me to relax and focus on my work. Anyone who walks into my office definitely notices it and loves the energy they've walked into. I will say I have a lot of people who frequent my office so after they leave I will use Serenity to clear the space and to bring the stillness back into my office. I just think these products are so awesome!"


Why I love and adore KUMARA products! You have GOT to try these for yourself….

I can truly say that there are very few products I have ever used in my life, that I could instantly feel and have the most beautiful experiences with.  This is what I get each time I use a KUMARA product and I LOVE that each time I use one, the experience and the feelings and sensations are always unique. How many products can shift and adapt to give you whatever you need in that moment?  The KUMARA products were the first products I have ever used that could strongly support me in whatever way I needed, in that moment.  For me, they are pure MAGIC wrapped in Beauty and Love! I love the Bliss Mists because I can instantaneously purify and shift the energy or the feeling of my body, my room or my car or any space just by spraying the air around me.  Serenity is my FAV for this.  To me it smells like the Peace of Heaven sprayed all around me.  I love Zen spray when I am meditating or sitting in reflection or vibing to beautiful music.  I also buy the Zen oil that I can put in my diffuser.  I have had many out of this world meditations and experiences with Zen.  So fun!!! My favorite Scent is Deva and I always have such an expansive, heart opening when I spray Deva or when I wear the perfume oil of when I use Deva oil in my diffuser.  My experiences with this Scent are always powerful, deep, meaningful, insightful and precious…such sacred communion occurs within and all around me.   Not to mention that it smells earthy, sensual, alluring, captivating and powerful AND that I feel the same when I wear it.   ;o)

I wholeheartedly offer my opinions as to the wonder of these Sacred products and can not say enough how much I love them and how intuitively they work in so many unique ways.  You’ve got to experience them for yourself!

Thank you Shusara and KUMARA!


I have been wearing my bracelet for about a week and have had several people compliment me on it. It is comfortable to wear and seems to go with half of my wardrobe.  I can still smell the perfume I sprayed on it three days ago.  Loving it!